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Silver Nugget Inc.

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Creating Native American hand crafted artifacts are not just a thing of the past, but the craft has been preserved in the indigenous cultures of the American Southwest. Distinct Native American tribes and ethnic groups have survived as intact political communities, maintaining both their unique culture and artistic craft. Silver Nugget Inc. has worked to preserve this craft reflected in the jewelry and artifacts created by Native Americans of the Southwest.

The incredible headresses, quivers, tomahawks, beautiful knives with antler handles and stone blades are completely hand crafted by Native American artists. Hand crafted bows and arrows feature bone arrowheads for tips and authentic horse hair and feathers.

A papoose (from the Algonquian papoos, meaning "child") is a Native American child carrier. Our crafstman create unique and stunning styles, as well as exceptional durability and quality, to preserve this indigenous artwork where you can experience this historic living culture first hand.